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Security Advisory SA17-005(EN) – Emails with Malicious Links or Attachments

A number of emails with: 1. Links to malicious/compromised web-sites which, when accessed, initiates the download of a file (usually a document) and 2. Malicious attachments (also, usually documents) are currently in circulation.

Publication Date: 24/08/2017

Security Advisory (SA17-002) : Recent worldwide Cyber Attack

Over the past few days there has been an unprecedented worldwide cyber-attack that effected several countries and organisations. Security researchers are warning to expect more of these attacks (including variations) to happen in the coming days.

Publication Date: 14/05/2017

Security Notification (SA04) - Scam Phone calls claiming to be from Microsoft

In the past week MT-CSIRT have been made aware of various users receiving phone calls from people claiming to work at Microsoft.

Publication Date: 02/10/2016

Security Notification (SA03) - Recent eMail Phishing and SPAM Campaigns

In the recent months the Government Computer Security Incident Response Team (MT-CSIRT) received reports of multiple email-based phishing campaigns targeting Government of Malta users.

Publication Date: 03/09/2016